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June 2016 was a month of a powerful Full Moon—the first full moon to fall on the Midsummer Solstice since 1948. If ever I had been skeptical about the Full Moon’s role and influence on my moods, this moon would have changed my nature. I fully acknowledge the mysterious power of the moon’s lunar pull in the world, but this Solstice proved quite chaotic in my own life—and I observed a definitive stir in the lives of those around me—and it reinforced my respect, reverence, and amazement regarding the magic of the moon.

I’m a believer in mood charting, and feel it is useful for those contending with diagnosed mental illness, or those who want to get a handle on the natural cycles of our ups and downs. Mood charting can be beneficial in harnessing our rhythms for greater productivity and a more peaceful and content existence.


Feel free to use this printable for your personal mood charting!

Thinking about the ebb and flow of our natural rhythm, and how the moon’s phases travel alongside us as a celestial calendar, prompted me to devise this chart for my own use. I’m sharing it with you, to use as you wish. Examine and reflect upon the nature of your ups and downs, and using the column dedicated to the moon’s lunar cycle, see how your moods might be aligning with Mother Nature.

I’ve started keeping a few notes for my own reference, using this chart and filling in the current lunar cycle in-progress. I’m curious to see if I notice any patterns, particularly on days other than the notorious Full Moon.

I tried to keep the chart simple, flexible, and re-usable for month-to-month fill-in-the-blank charting that is fast, easy, and practical. Some phases are not considered as “significant,” but I left these phases in with a smaller box so that it is easier to chart across the month uninterrupted. I’m curious to see how my charting goes, and perhaps I will post an update. Feel free to post in the comments how your mood chart turns out!