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The past year was an insane onslaught of events of all manner. Not the least of events in this busy year—the birth of our newest family member! My body has successfully grown and birthed that baby and so far my wisdom for you is: Six month olds and two year olds go together like fireworks and Fourth of July. It’s explosive, potentially dangerous, but amazingly beautiful and fun.

Since summer is the season upon us, we’re gearing up for the American 4th of July, along with our family’s prominent trend of June birthdays, water park/splash fun. Moving to Colorado from Florida seemed to hold promise of a milder summer; but I think the heat is just as intense—a slightly different animal but no less disagreeable to me. Gardening, seasonal cooking, and finding creative and fun ways to embrace nature and beat the heat are the kinds of summer challenges I am learning to embrace.



Just because life threw us a ton of curveballs and lemons last year doesn’t mean I threw in the towel for good. It took some time, and I’d be lying if I said I was always a glowing example of optimism, but eventually, we found the necessary ingredients to turn our giant barrel of metaphorical lemons into some seriously delicious lemonade (speaking of, check out this recipe from Cooking Classy).


recipe from cookingclassy.com, design by AMG Imagines

In this revival of AMG Imagines, I am planning a definitive focus on my creative works, and hope to pass along some useful information and inspiration to you. I’m also including a generous helping of my faves, so be prepared for delicious off-topic posts concerning food and recipes, family fun and creative parenting, or otherwise off-topic-but-on-topic stuff that makes AMG Imagines the eclectic blog that it is.