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April is here, and… probably in full bloom? The thing about living near the equator of this fickle blue marble, is that Spring never feels like Spring as I grew up knowing her. She was moody and rainy, blistering cold many days with ever-so-slight promises of warmth and resurfacing greenery. Now it’s kind of hard to tell what season is what.

I miss the seasonal shifts more than the seasons themselves sometimes. Autumn comes with her bounty, creeping across fields to turn everything to a hue of sun-spun gold. The deep ochre and red-gold themes of nature, along with pine green and rich ambers that make up the fall palette are perhaps my favorite. But each season’s turning has its own unique way: Winter turns crisp and gray, and we humans paint it with so many festivities to cheer the world from her slumber. And Spring—which is upon us—does not come easily, or quietly, or all at once. And I miss that.

Our little potted plant wants to bloom... but can it?

Our little potted plant wants to bloom… but can it?

Where we live now, I have to find people to knit for up North, and I have to remind myself what the seasons are, or what time is really doing in other parts of the hemisphere. I’ve taken to small daily rituals to remind myself of the re-birthing nature of spring. Each day, we find time to water our potted plant beside the front stoop. The thing of apartment living makes having a garden impossible, but remembering spring, and keeping a little bit of land—even if it is only in a pot—to remember where we come from is so important to me right now.

I also find filling sketchbooks up with paintings and doodles inspired by the seasons I’m missing helps me quite a bit. I haven’t done too much lately, though, so I’ve been seeking out others.

I thought I’d share a couple things I find particularly inspiring. I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to floral inspiration, which can be a great way to spark creativity. Digging a little deeper, too, one can find lots of inspiration for technique, practice, and method. This one by the fabulous Alisa Burke, discussing the thing of sketch supplies and process, is super helpful no matter what subject you’re tackling. And this from Shannon Kirsten’s blog offers unique floral inspiration.

Check out my Tumblr for posts of my personal images, and of course you can find me chirping on Twitter from time to time. I would love to hear how others are creating in Spring too!