There are lots of reasons why Easter has become a commercialized occasion of chocolate bunnies and super-yellow images of impossibly perfect daffodils against too-brilliant blue backdrops of photo-enhanced skies. There is a reason why Easter falls in spring—a religious holiday that is traditionally about resurrection, redemption, being born again as something more pure. And I am sure you’ve heard a handful of things about this…

Pagan, ancient, New Age, modern, semi-ancient, kind-of-ancient, really-really-old, pretty recently… Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, not-religious-but-spiritually-minded. These are some (but not all) of the time periods and groups of people who have given the seasonal cycle “spring” a lot of thought and reverence.

The idea of rebirth and change and fresh beginnings is a wonderful thing that offers hope and a whole lot of other good and fluffy stuff… So I’m joining in. New intentions, new endeavors, new beginnings—these can be very enticing to those of us who are caught in a daily grind, or are less than happy with our current existence. Creating a new path, forging new possibilities—it is never easy. So if taking this time this year, with Spring 2015’s particularly perfect energetic chemistry is a way to launch you in your desired direction, why not embrace that?


I am embracing some positive change! It won’t be easy. It means sacrificing minutes of silly games on my phone when I find those spare moments. It’s about taking scraps of time and putting them to good use. Not whining about lack of time or energy, and instead making time. Piecing together the scraps of time to create a solid fabric of a whole existence is hard. It is being a quilter of actions, memories, and intentions.